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Thank You!  We have a FREE gift for you.

Three things you should know about your teeth:

  1. Do you have enough bone left for dental implants
  2. Is there any Malocclusion present
  3. Is there evidence of an infection

To get the answers, you will need a 3D X-Ray Scan which typically costs $550.

Our gift to you is a FREE 3D X-Ray Scan and Consultation!

There is NO cost and NO obligation.

To claim this gift, CALL US NOW and schedule a FREE 3D X-Ray Scan and Consultation.

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3D X-Ray Scan & Consultation

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Why Is The 3D X-Ray Scan So Important?

The 3D X-Ray Scan will quickly determine how much bone is left in your jaw.

If there is not enough bone left in your jaw, dental implants will not work.

Patients in the past put off coming in to see us, only to learn when they did come in that they waited too long and there was not enough bone left for a successful implant.

That’s why we want to make it super easy for you to find out if you are still eligible for dental implants!

CALL US NOW to schedule your FREE 3D X-Ray Scan and Consultation

(972) 454-0937